CRE can satisfy all customer requirements with its workstations equipped to process iron based on drawings through which our and your designs take shape and become real. At the same time we endeavour to fulfil all the quality criteria and higher production capacity as best as possible so that the company becomes an excellent partner for your market requirements.


CRE can perform all kinds of iron surface treatments through partnerships with the best local suppliers.


The internal quality control department is equipped with all the tools and skills for checking the conformity of the parts in relation to the sampling and control plans drawn up internally and/or agreed with the customer. It also checks welds through visual tests performed by specifically trained personnel and through the use of penetrating liquids.

But that’s not all. The testing and assembly of electrical and mechanical systems can take place in the plant or at the actual work sites indicated by the companies.

We also deliver materials twice a week within a radius of 80 km.